GE’s plan to solve UK’s plutonium ‘problem’

GE proposes to solve UK’s plutonium ‘problem’: burn it and generate vast quantities of clean energy!

“Until very recently, deployment of fast reactor systems was characterised as plausible only decades into the future. Then late last year, in November of 2011, GE-Hitachi Nuclear made a paradigm-shifting offer to the United Kingdom, which was seeking a solution to disposition of that nation’s plutonium inventory [9] (at 112 tons, the largest such stockpile in the world). GEH submitted an offer to build a pair of PRISM reactors in the UK to solve their plutonium quandary in about five years, with the recouping of costs coming via a set fee for each kilo of plutonium that was successfully processed by the PRISMs [10] and from the electric power generated in the process.”
From BNC, of course

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