Airships, trucks, and trains compared

The ton-mile’s of various craft were compared in this Next Big Future post.

Wikipedia defines Gross-ton-miles as “Gross Ton Mile (GTM) is commonly used in Rail Transportation. Gross Ton Mile is the product of total weight (including the weight of lading cars and locomotives) and the distance moved by a train.[1]”

But the point below is to compare the Ton-Mile per gallon. It’s how much bang you get for your fuel buck: how far you can go per gallon to ship a certain amount of goods. Of course, once again we see that Rail Wins hands-down.

C17 plane ton-mile per gallon                         7
Aeros Airship Ton-Mile per Gallon of Fuel            23
Rail fuel efficiency (Ton-mile per gallon)    156 to 512
Trucks                                         68 to 133
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