Amory Lovins on the attack!

Amory Lovins presents “Reinventing Fire”, his new TED talk which shows how to make our transport and homes and industries so efficient America could move to renewables and grow their economy and switch off the coal.

While I remain aghast at his over simplistic dismissal of nuclear power and his lack of concern for reliable baseload electricity, the other stuff is pretty good. I especially liked the diagram illustrating how cars become lighter they become far more energy efficient. I was  impressed with the strength of the carbon-fibre dome he presented to the audience. I’m just sad that he was so glib as he dismissed nuclear power as ‘dangerous’ and didn’t really explore how safe, clean, abundant, and reliable it is.

He was also a little too glib about the marketplace solving all of these issues for us. He even seems to like trucks and cars. I guess living in the USA he has to! But in less individualistic societies like Australia and Europe we can have other public conversations about fast-rail and trolley buses and, over time, increasing trendy New Urbanism.

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