Insanity: Sydney paving over more local farms

Sydney’s local farms are about to be paved over as suburbia grows out like a cancer. Having a good, local source of food is one of the more important preparations we need for peak oil. The NSW government are destroying that.

In 1947 the Sydney Basin produced “three quarters of the State’s lettuces, half of the spinach, a third of the cabbages and a quarter of the beans; seventy percent of the State’s poultry farms were in the [Basin] and more than eighteen percent of Sydney’s milk came from the [Basin]”. Sixty years later, the Metropolitan Plan proposes reducing the area of Basin farms to about 600 hectares, through the residential development of 220,000 homes in the north-west and south-west growth areas. The development will pave over 52% or 603 hectares of Sydney’s remaining fresh produce farms.

From The conversation


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