What if it’s all a hoax?

I love this, and have for years. The only change I would make here is to emphasise clean nuclear power, but otherwise it’s all good.

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2 Responses to What if it’s all a hoax?

  1. John Mathon says:

    Are we having the better world now? Health care? Lower poverty? Does spending all your money on things which have no useful benefit long term really “build a better world?” Capitalism is about the allocation of scarce capital among the most productive alternatives. Spending money on things which in the end prove worthless or even in the short term prove worthless leaves us impoverished and where all the poorer countries of the world have been. High minded bureaucrats and do-gooders don’t seem to understand that capital is scarce and must be allocated by people who have proven to make money in the past, not based on moral arguments of do-gooders. That’s why concentration of capital in the hands of the few can make sense. In the end we all benefit if Bill Gates invests his money well and makes a boatload because he builds 30,000 jobs that never existed before and millionaires that got money not from stealing it but out of thin air. What happens when we invest a bunch of money in people who can’t pay their mortgages is an implosion of wealth and jobs. We cant afford to spend our precious capital on things which are fantasies. If global warming is a fantasy then anything we spent on it in the short term could have been spent better to create jobs which create more jobs. Instead the better world of the future can never come from misallocating resources to activities which have no payoff.

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