Monckton pretends to have a cure for HIV / AIDS!

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2 Responses to Monckton pretends to have a cure for HIV / AIDS!

    • Eclipse Now says:

      Absolutely he’s a fraud! Not only that, but he’s very unpleasant. I’m gritting my teeth at an interview I just heard on the ABC.

      Adam Spencer is an Aussie media scientist given to fun shows about science. (Sleek Geeks is one of them). He just had the unfortunate and unpleasant experience of trying to interview Monckton on radio.

      I feel like shouting at Monckton, “Yes Monckton, the climatologists know there have been much higher Co2 levels in the deep past — in prehistory. This is no mystery, and — just like water — it’s all about context. Too little and we die of thirst, too much and we die of water poisoning or Tsunami’s or flood! Monckton, how about answering the question Adam Spencer (and climatologists) actually put to you instead of waffling on about how the whole world is against you?”

      He is either lying, or paranoid and delusional.

      One has to ask oneself how anyone would go and hear one of his talks when he is not a scientist, not really a Lord, but is also an extremely pompous old git who puts on airs and is just plain rude and unpleasant when interviewed by someone who has a clue?

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