Solar Flagships disappoint both BZE and BNC

This just in from a BNC discussion thread.

John Newlands said on Open Thread 16
26 June 2011 at 7:03 AM
In response to Barry Brook on 7 June 2011 at 12:29 PM:

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Even the deep greens are disappointed with the Fed’s ‘solar flagship’ program.
They don’t say it is too much money for too little output but I agree on one angle… it locks in gas dependence. As explained upthread there will be PV at Moree and solar trough with gas boost at Chinchilla. No storage of even just a few hours for either project. The govt is paying about 40% of the capital cost with no word on future subsidies for each Mwh.

I think carbon tax is going to majorly disappoint. It might improve efficiency somewhat but unlike Treasury modelling I don’t see major technology shifts. $20 is not enough to continue the wind build without more subsidies nor is it enough to replace brown coal with gas. Now both nukularists and deep greens are ridiculing the ‘solar flagships’.

However I think we have to forge ahead with $20 carbon tax to break the log jam which is better than doing nothing. After a year or so the way ahead should be clearer. If we do nothing then there is no next step.

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