Greenpeace ideology wrote the pro-renewables part of the IPCC

Great, so now Greenpeace wrote the chapter on energy solutions. Boy, wouldn’t that make it an objective report!

How about some peer-reviewed science on the energy debate for once? Wouldn’t that be helpful? It seems the moment energy is mentioned we can’t have a rational discussion, but draw up our battle lines around political ideologies. The Left are pro-renewable, pro-climate action, but anti-nukes. The Right are anti-climate action but pro-nukes and pro-fossil fuels.

Spare me. The demonstrable physics of climate change are not ideological! We need to solve this because climate change is real, coal kills hundreds of thousands of people a year through respiratory diseases and throat and lung cancer, and get this — peak fossil fuels is not too far away! If we solve climate change we might just clean the air, build better cities that are more pleasant to live in, save time, save money, save traffic, and live in a healthier society.

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