Doctor Who getting on the nose?

This comment at Slashdot caught my interest. Anyone feeling the same?

Unfortunately the Daleks aren’t the only thing that needs a break. So does the Doctor. He has become a bad charicature of himself.

This new season is sort of like being forced to watch a Jerry Bruckheimer film every weekend, with all of the ludicrously over-dramatic theme music and gag-me-with-a-spoon melodramatic themes. Already last season the new Doctor was a little too full of himself, but I was quite shocked to find that it got infinitely worse this season. And the ridiculous “mysterious” River Song character that keeps being forced into every episode for some unknown reason just makes me want to vomit. Every time she smugly says her signature line I want someone to punch her in the mouth.

The plots, and the Doctor himself, are so incoherent that even I barely know what the hell just happened at the end of an episode, and I’m normally the guy in the room who is explaining the plot twists to others. The new episodes make almost zero sense, like they’re using some random plot element generator to write the stories for them. The behavior of the characters no longer rings true, so the stories fall flat. The new Doctor comes across as a gibbering moron who doesn’t pay attention to anyone or anything besides himself and yet magically finds his way out of every possible situation without seeming to have the slightest clue what he’s doing.

I’ve managed to find and watch nearly every episode of the old series (thanks Pirate Bay!) and thoroughly enjoyed almost every single episode, from the first Doctor right up through all the David Tennant seasons. But this newest stuff has pretty much made me stop wanting to watch the show, at least until they get new writers. It takes some real talent to screw up a show that has been pretty entertaining for decades already using a very simple formula. They should really just rename the show to “The Something Horribly Bad Happens to the Tardis Every Week Show” which seems to be the common theme now.

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3 Responses to Doctor Who getting on the nose?

  1. specialletters says:

    Sort of getting a bit like that – so with Brickheimer does he mean the Pirates films that I’ve never understood. Like what happened to Long John Newton’s – all this magic and supernatural suddenly comes into Pirates!!!
    Still it is the 21st century – throw anything at them and it is looks good on LCD and it loud enough it must be entertainment.

    I enjoyed the Van Gogh episode but that was the previous series. The Tardis as a sexy woman was kind of fun but what was happening I know not. The River Song idea is just providing a running theme for making us watch to see what happens. Amy seems to know but why she does is not clear.
    Now why the Amy and Rory love story – why do we need that. Having watched the doctor since Day 1 I do recall early show had a couple but I don’t recall them as an item. Perhaps I was too young back then.

    I don’t watch Doctor Who Confidential – its just padding – they could actually put 2 episodes into one if they dropped Confidential.
    Now why so much scary stuff. The Daleks should be the extent of what is frightening – kids understand the Daleks.
    But bring back the Weeping Angels – the concept was hiliarious

  2. Eclipse Now says:

    I’m convinced Blink was the best episode of Dr Who. Everything came together, good characters, great plot concept with the ‘Easter Eggs’ on the DVD’s, fantastic online geek jokes, and the dang scariest Doctor Who monsters of all time, even if they do ‘kill you softly’ by shooting you back in time to feed off your potential energy!

    But I could do without Rory all together, the Amy/Rory romance is just hideous and not believable and I cringe every time they canoodle. Blaargh! Doctor Who ‘died’ too randomly, too unbelievably, in the first episode this season, and rather than feeling numb or horrified I just thought how poor the whole scene was, how stupid.

    And as I always say, why didn’t they choose Adam Carter off Spooks?

    Adam Carter should have been The Doctor

  3. specialletters says:

    No Adam was blown up – he sacrificed himself for London. Yes Blink was the Tops – I just wanted to know more about the victims who went off in time.
    Now is Spooks finished – have they finally wiped out so many of the cast that they cannot come back. or will Harry come back making ever more ridiculous decisions?

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