Climate change and the M.I.B.

Climate change is all a Conspiracy organised by the M.I.B. who killed J.F.K, faked the moon landing and stole the alien aircraft from Area 51!!!

But I’m here to stop them! I will now reveal to the world the presence of this infamous font of infamy! The M.I.B. are actually the Mason’s in Black. You can learn all about them if you just buy my upcoming book, Why climate change is crap and you must fear the M.I.B. instead for just $29.95.

If you like Why climate change is crap… you might also enjoy the sequels,

  • More about the M.I.B,
  • What you can do about the M.I.B.,
  • How to survive the coming M.I.B. take-over,
  • Another 100 reasons climate change is rubbish and your local CSIRO lab have also been brought out by the M.I.B., and finally,
  • How the M.I.B. fabricated the laws of physics on a universal scale to trick every spectrometer and science student in every lab across the planet, ever. No really. (This last one has a long title, but my publishers insisted it would appeal to a very specific market.)

You’ll probably want to buy the boxed set for only $100. It’s all good science, you can trust me. The fact that I couldn’t get my works published in the peer-reviewed journals only proves how far the M.I.B. have come! Once they have control of our minds, the Rubber Duck underwear laws are soon to follow.


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3 Responses to Climate change and the M.I.B.

  1. Lance Ponder says:

    I’ll take a dozen!

  2. Eclipse Now says:

    ahh, Lance my friend, you’ve been had. 🙂

    (OOps, was that out loud?)

  3. Eclipse Now says:

    I’ve updated my global warming page to run in a more logical order.

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