Petition UN on Libya: Peacekeepers on ground?

This just in …

On Monday, April 18, Citizens for Global Solutions ran a full page advertisement in the New York Times that calls for three essential actions for the U.N. to take in Libya. We are reaching out to Americans because we now live in a new age where the international community has accepted its responsibility to protect. But you can’t protect babies from 30,000 feet nor should this be the job of the U.S. and its allies alone. The United Nations must have the support and tools that it needs to get these jobs done:

  • Deployment of U.N. Peacekeepers On the Ground to Protect Libyan Civilians;
  • Provision of Food, Water, Medicine and Shelter for Displaced People in Libya;
  • U.N. Sponsored Elections to Bring Democracy and a Legitimate Government.

Next Steps to Protect | Citizens for Global Solutions.

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