It’s nuclear power or it’s climate change

Great quote from Barry.

Australia has no access to large-scale hydro. We do have abundant uranium, and a high technology society in a geologically stable region, all perfect for the deployment of nuclear power.Or, we can burn more coal and gas. It’s nuclear power, or it’s climate change.What of the solar and wind dream? I sure hope they work out, and can provide a lot more energy for us in the future. But history is not on their side. No country has displaced its fossil fuel fleet in the past by using these energy sources, for a number of practical engineering and economic reasons.One has to be an extreme optimist to imagine that this reality – this lesson of history – is going to miraculously change in the coming decades.I try to address these issues from a scientific perspective. I get no money from nuclear, uranium, coal, gas, solar or wind industries. I talk about these issues in public because I think the public debate ought to be based on real-world evidence and robust analysis – not hype, spin and ideology.Prior to the Fukushima Daiichi accident, caused when a 14 metre tsunami crashed into a 40-year old power station in Japan, no member of the public had ever been killed by nuclear power in an OECD country.As of today, that record remains unchanged. When small risk is weighed against great and proven benefits, nuclear power is an obvious choice.I wonder why Australia still isn’t taking it seriously.

via It’s nuclear power or it’s climate change.

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