New wood cheaper, safer, stronger than steel and concrete!

This ABC podcast architect Michael Green unpacks how ‘new’ wood is cheaper, safer, and stronger than steel and concrete for making even Skyscrapers! One cubic meter of wood stores 1 ton of Carbon. Imagine fast-growth trees of 10 to 15 years sequestering all that Carbon to house the next 3 billion people who need homes!

  • He uses Aspen and Birch trees that are shredded and the fibres glued together
  • (Note: glue can come from our rubbish tips!)
  • Trees are only 10 to 15 years old when harvested
  • Apart from the foundations, wood can replace the use of steel and concrete in buildings and becomes the new structural backbone of the skyscraper!
  • Huge wood beams are now 20m long by 2.5m wide by 85mil thick
  • Wood weights half as much as concrete which improves the strength of the building in an earthquake
  • Wood buildings have survived earthquakes better than heavy steel and concrete buildings
  • Can lead to an enormous reforesting business worldwide, and an enormous sequestration of Co2!
  • As a material the wood is more expensive but …
  • It so drastically reduces the labour costs associated with buildings as it can go up so much faster.
  • EG: It takes a week to pour a concrete floor in a skyscraper before the next floor can be constructed. Michael Green has seen wood skyscrapers that can build 6 floors a day!

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