Giant Radioactive Ducks in air over Tokyo

Giant Radiactive Ducks were spotted terrorising the Japanese coastline, and are probably in the vicinity of Tokyo from previous bearings! In other news, Sir Christopher Busby announces high risk of ‘atomic explosion’ at the reactors, and says the words ‘nuclear explosion’ 4 times in a short radio interview on the ABC this morning. Most of us thought these were nuclear power plants, not bombs, but in a world with the Giant Ducks of Doom about to descend on the Japanese people, anything is possible!

More seriously now — 10 thousand people may have been killed by this Tsunami. Do we really need to add to Japanese public trauma by terrifying them with reports of impossible threats of ‘nuclear explosions’ from power plants? This is one of the most uninformed, unscientific media frenzies I’ve ever witnessed, far worse than that ‘climategate’ fizzer.

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