The Australian Progress Party-NSW Upper House

This is also interesting — and these guys want someone in the NSW Upper house to dissolve the State! Ha ha, what an election platform!


If you think we need:

  • less politicians
  • an independent Senate in the Federal Parliament
  • more effective Government across Australia

…. then join the Australian Progress Party to make sure that you, and all Australians, get a ‘Fair Go’.

Less Politicians

The Australian Progress Party is the only mainstream party that believes that Australia needs less politicians.

Reducing the levels of government to just two, is the easiest way to make this happen.

Constitutional experts have confirmed that forming a Regional level of government by amalgamating the local level of government and dissolving the current States is all possible within the existing Australian Constitution.

It’s what Australians want

In a recent survey, almost 75% Australians felt that the current system of government should be reformed. Over 40% believed that the reform should include the creation of a Regional Government level.

The Australian Progress Party is the only party in Australia committed to changing the political structure to only two levels of government – without needing a National Referendum.

The Australian Progress Party believes that a Regional Government level should replace the current local & state government levels.

Removing the State & Local levels of government in Australia, and replacing them with Regional Governments, will start with the election of Progress Party candidates in the NSW election in March 2011.

Centre Politics

As a progressive, centre party, the Australian Progress Party stands for a Fair Go.

Most Australians see themselves in the centre of the political spectrum.

This means that Australians believe that people who are genuinely in need should get a helping hand when they need it. Everyone else needs to contribute their fair share to the services we need to provide a civil society

Stand as a Candidate for Election

Find out if you qualify to be a candidate for the Australian Progress Party.

So, click here to join the Australian Progress Party and be part of the changes that so many Australians want!

The Australian Progress Party.

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