New Battery 90% cheaper but twice as powerful!

This might just make some renewables competitive? Imagine the cost of batteries dropping to 10% of today’s prices. IF this lives up to the promise will it make an off-grid home economically attractive or provide true baseload wind power?

What an interesting time to be alive. The competition between plentiful cheap baseload nuclear power and this potential baseload wind power is interesting indeed. Although I think I know how Barry Brook would side… why use these batteries to store expensive renewable power that’s so intermittent when we could use them to reduce the number of nukes needed to provide that peaking power in the afternoon. Have huge batteries that soak up the more plentiful night time and midday power and then dump it into the grid during peak demand in the evening when everyone is home from work watching TV, on the internet, playing computer games and cooking. All at once.

Interesting times indeed.

New Sumitomo Electric Battery 90% Cheaper Than Lithium Ion -Nikkei.

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2 Responses to New Battery 90% cheaper but twice as powerful!

  1. Barry Brook says:

    Either way it turns out, cheaper batteries that are fully recyclable is good news, and just the sort of technological advances we need to go hand in hand with a nuclear/renewables energy economy.

    • Eclipse Now says:

      In other words — as the youth of today say “It’s all good”. You’re not an ideologue opposed to any real advances in renewable energy technologies, but of course have a list of 20 or so very good questions you would need satisfied before endorsing some of these intermittent technologies. For instance, I’m not even sure 10% the cost and double the storage is even enough to truly wind baseload. What about quiet weeks? Are we really going to overbuild battery capacity to store energy for that long? We still have 4 years to wait before we can confirm what this particular battery technology can do. So the nuclear campaign continues.

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