Chernobyl Anniversary Fear-Fest.

Watch out for technically misleading photographs and medical claims; poor journalism will result in urban myths.

Channelling the Strong Force: Chernobyl 25th Anniversary Fear-Fest..

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5 Responses to Chernobyl Anniversary Fear-Fest.

  1. Lance Ponder says:

    Yeah, I thought blaming Godzilla on Chernobyl was bad enough. 😛

  2. Eclipse Now says:

    Ha ha! Yeah, I’ve still got to show my son that B-Grade thing with Brodderick. Eeew. But cool special effects. But eeeww. Brodderick? Really?

  3. Lance Ponder says:

    Yeah, exactly.

    I remember when it happened. I was in the Navy. I was stationed on a sub that was in the Med at the time. I remember it set off our air particulate detectors and we were hundreds of miles south and a little west. We actually had to close up the boat in the port because there was more radioactivity in the outside air than the inside air up against the reactor compartment bulkhead. Ha.

  4. Eclipse Now says:

    Now THAT’s a story! I’m going to copy it across to Brave New Climate a pro-nuke blog if you don’t mind? (Just their open thread for any kind of discussion).

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