Our government mandates Microsoft!

When Russia and China appear to be moving away from paying for a ridiculously overpriced OS and Office software, our government is locking it in! Aaaargh! Don’t they realise that if Western governments finally wean off the evil giant by growing their own Open Source versions of Linux, and creating beautiful efficient User-Interfaces in Open Office software, the whole economy can eventually wean off America’s software and we all win? The Australian government should have mandated exactly the opposite! Today is a sad day to be an Australian. Geeks across the land will be tearing their shirts and throwing ashes over their heads, crying “Alas! Alas, we are undone!”

“The Australian Government has released a common operating environment desktop policy that ā€” among security controls aimed at reducing the potential for leaks of Government data ā€” mandates the ECMA-376 version of Microsoft’s Office Open XML (OOXML) standard and productivity suites that can ‘read and write’ the .docx format, effectively locking the country’s public servants into using Microsoft Office. The policy [PDF] also appears to limit desktop operating systems to large, off-the-shelf commercial offerings at the expense of smaller distributions.”

Australia Mandates Microsoft’s Office Open XML – Slashdot.

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