Whatever happened to global warming hey?

This is hilarious, even more so because my old arch-nemesis Gordon Cheng posted it on my facebook wall. I told him not to laugh because I was pushing for that legislation right now! LOOK OUT FOR THE GOVERNMENT PAMPHLET! You have been duly warned! Ignorance is no excuse for THOUGHT CRIME! We know where you are!

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4 Responses to Whatever happened to global warming hey?

  1. specialletters says:

    I’ll keep a weather eye out for it.
    Will it includes tips on avoiding carbon tax?
    Some tips here
    BBC News – A bad reputation
    Keep OLD car – making the new one it seems is worse than the Old Guzzler fuel usage
    And Cremation is “way to go”

  2. eclipsenow says:

    The car thing can be surprising. It’s not that making the new, more efficient cars is somehow ‘worse’ than making the older cars; it’s that making ANY car requires so much energy! For example, making the car uses about 25% of the energy that car will require over its whole lifespan, and making the infrastructure the car will run on uses the other 25%! So before you even drive the car off the block, it is important to be aware that half the energy that car will ever need is not fuel, but bound up in the metal and plastic of the car and the carparks and highways of the roads.

    • Lance Ponder says:

      If half the energy the car will ever use has already been used before the car is sold, that seems to me a very good thing. The cars must be fairly efficient… or maybe the cars don’t last long – that would be bad. I guess if its a GM (Government Motors) it won’t last long, but if its a nice Korean or Japanese car its efficient and that’s a good thing.

  3. Lance Ponder says:

    //Ignorance is no excuse for THOUGHT CRIME!//

    It is a crime to prosecute someone because of what they think.

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