Resisting the Green Dragon- Christian Denialism at its worst!

Hi all,

Resisting the Green Dragon is a series of paranoid anti-climate DVD’s doing the rounds in the church. Blaaargh! This is a short rant I emailed to them and posted on the Vimeo link to their longer 12 minute preview. (Type in their 0h-so-dramatic password RESIST in capital letters if a password request comes up).



As a Christian, I can only feel shame for the hyped up paranoid conspiracy theories the American church is pushing today. Climate change is based on the laws of physics God built into this world. Many climatologists are CHRISTIANS THEMSELVES. Indeed, the head of the IPCC, Sir John Houghton, is a Christian. Bill McKibben is a Christian! These men are not at all interested in pushing an alternative gospel because they believe our gospel, OK? So try to separate out the cultists from the climatologists, especially your Christian brothers and sisters in climate science. This stuff is slandering your own brothers and sisters in Christ!

Now onto some of the myths you promoted. Yes we breathe out Co2. SO? We also pass water, we need water for life, and much of our body IS water. But too much water and we drown, OK? Too much Co2 simply IS changing the Radiative Forcing Equation. Measuring the effects of Co2 on energy wavelengths is a simple matter of spectrometry!  (I’m so tired of my ignorant Christian brothers and sisters spreading these trite myths!)

Are all climate activists Christians? No way! Of course there are Atheists, Communists, Cultists, Buddhists, and even Occultists. Some directors even — shock horror conspiracy! — make pantheistic Sci-Fi movies. But can we please try to distinguish between Climate Science and Science Fiction? Can we please learn that concern for the environment is EASILY tacked onto ANY world-view, and whether we are fighting to save the climate or a forest of beautiful Redwoods, we might easily find ourselves amongst unbelievers. And this is a GOOD thing! This is a gospel opportunity. Because as a Christian activist myself, I have had countless opportunities to share the gospel, the reason for the hope that I have.

Seriously, burning fossil fuels is not a “God-given right” if it hurts people. We once used lead in our petrol, and found out that was a public health concern. We banned it and adapted. We once used asbestos in our buildings. We banned it and adapted. It’ *should be* that boring — a matter of public health and welfare policy.  The ‘hype’ and alarmism from climate scientists has become more shrill because they are trying to save the countless African villagers and poor South Americans that will be impacted by global warming because PEOPLE LIKE YOU REFUSE TO TAKE THE DEMONSTRABLE SCIENCE ON BOARD!

Not only that but you’re running out of fossil fuels. Peak oil has already passed, peak gas is sooner than later, and even peak coal is on the horizon. We’ve burnt through the first half of all the fossil fuels. The second half is going to be harder to mine, and far more expensive. We ALWAYS go for the low hanging fruit FIRST, and now it’s gone. There’s plenty of ‘fruit’ left, but it is higher up the tree, is going to take longer to fetch, will not be coming to us as the same fast rate, and will cost exponentially more.

In short, whether you believe in climate change or not, America is going to have to wean off the fossil fuels anyway. And given how burning coal oil and gas causes lung and throat cancer, and given that Americans spend $600 billion a year buying overseas oil, bankrupting your own nation and funding people who don’t like you very much, I am ashamed to see Christians defending a harmful industry like fossil fuels. You should repent of this paranoid silliness and go back to preaching the gospel to those greenies you should be rubbing shoulders with in the trenches. You should BE concerned for the climate! But you’ve been brainwashed by the unscientific myths of the Denialists, and are now co-opting many Christians and churches into fighting King-Coal’s dirty battles for them. Nice. When are you going to do part 2, “Fighting the Coal-Dragon”?

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