Facebook ‘change your profile to cartoon’ campaign gets silly

Change your Profile pic to protect threatened cartoons! Yes, obscure cartoons from our childhood are going extinct. I chose to adopt Spock — that gentle hippie from the Star Trek animated series — here in classic ‘peace man’ pose. (Well, for his culture anyway).

PS: I was a District Officer. I have seen too much child abuse to think putting a cartoon on your Facebook page is going to change anything! Only cold hard cash to DoCS and other child welfare agencies will make a difference. District Officers were so overworked back when I was in the Department that we had a 90% per annum field staff turnover. It was hideous! Every file on my desk was a child at risk and I could hardly get to any of them. If anyone really wants to do something about child abuse, write a letter to your MP about funding for DoCS. As a burnt out activist, I bet you’d only get a 1% response rate. Actually doing work for something worthwhile isn’t as trendy as quickly changing your facebook profile.

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