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3. Isn’t global warming just a hoax started by Al Gore?

Al Gore didn’t invent climate change! I don’t know how this myth has any credibility with anyone, anywhere, when 5 minutes on wikipedia should convince them otherwise. From the global warming wiki:

It was proposed by Joseph Fourier in 1824 and was first investigated quantitatively by Svante Arrhenius in 1896.[32] The question in terms of global warming is how the strength of the presumed greenhouse effect changes when human activity increases the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

As for it being ‘popularlised’ by Al Gore, check out this science show by the General Electric Company in 1956! Their  ‘Excursions in science’ show is played from an original Vinyl recording from over half a century ago.

(Note: this video also demonstrates how the Gulf Stream turned north 3 million years ago, and how the warm water moving north counter-intuitively caused the Northern ice age!)

Or try the Bell Telephone Company science show from 1958. This short video shows animation of tourists studying underwater Miami through glass-bottomed boats!

A conspiracy by Al Gore? Pffffft, pull the other one, it plays jingle bells! The 2 videos above are by Peter Sinclair. I recommend watching ALL of his video’s to get a real sense of where the science is heading, and what the other climate Denialist myths are and how to prepare yourself against being sucked in by them.

If they do not provide enough information, try the sites below:

Realclimate.org by real climatologists!


Also see my Denial Machine page for a list of the various anti-science hoaxes perpetrated as ‘science’ by big oil and King Coal, which have far more damning and real documentation than any media hype over the ‘climategate’ fiasco.

From https://eclipsenow.wordpress.com/global-warming/

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