SPRISM one step closer

If this prototype delivers the promise of clean energy from nuclear waste it will truly be a world-changing event.

Because once they prove a model that works, that’s a template for mass-production. Instead of expensive custom building, they’ll be putting SPRISM’s on the production line and banging them out.

Trucks will drive the large prefab components to site and the nuclear plant will appear to ‘go up overnight’. Well, in months, not years. Or so I’m guessing from the hype.

Again: I really hope some form of super-cheap super-powerful energy storage can make renewables competitive, but I just can’t see it yet. This is the next best thing. And we’d be burning up the world’s nuclear waste in the process!

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy and Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Sign Agreement on Small Modular Reactor Technology : Press Releases : News : GE.

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