Silicon = batteries 10 times more powerful?

Adding silicon to lithium ion batteries is theoretically going to increase battery power 10 times. If I converted my old beat up Mitsubishi Magna wagon to battery today, that would get maybe 70km or 80km. It is a heavy old beast, not purpose built to light Electric Vehicle standards. This sort of range seems common from EV enthusiasts that have converted their old bombs and clunkers into EV’s.

Now imagine that range boosting out to 500, 700, or 800 km!

That’s a SERIOUS game changer (IF it happens). In more ways than one!

Consider: the average round trip to work and back is somewhere between 60km to 80km. Even with an hour commute each way, most cars still just sit still 22 hours a day. If we put charging points at work and shops and home, then cars could be plugged in 22 hours a day.

Now imagine an overcast few days, and there not being much solar power. Imagine your car running the power needs for your house! Not only that, imagine driving to work and your house running off all your neighbourhoods cars, plugged into the net, selling power at a profitable rate.

I’m not sure how the figures work out, but a factor of 10 is a pretty amazing claim for battery technology improvements! Incremental increases in battery technology and price like this could one day switch the economic balance from nuclear power to renewables. I’m not convinced that we are there yet, but this is an exciting time to be alive!


Silicon strategy shows promise for batteries.

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