China makes fake eggs!

Yet another reason to eat local produce. Uggggh. It’s just WRONG! The chemicals in the yoke can cause dementia.

Here is an old archived Whirlpool conversation about it.

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3 Responses to China makes fake eggs!

  1. Nick Palmer says:

    This might be a hoax based upon a probably true event.

  2. specialletters says:

    Sadly Nick I think that it is likely to be true.
    The best hoax slayer can say is Unsubstantiated
    This guy clearly says much evidence in China in Chinese language sites Fake Eggs are No Joke | Chengdu Living

    The pics of “How To” are all over the place. But I suppose people love spreading alarmist stories. “Invented” email stories do spread like viruses. I am shocked at some of the nonsense “concerned” people forward to all their friends.

    But this case is looking to be a really nasty truth

    I wonder if these fakes can also be passed as 1oo year old eggs etc. Pickled would make them more difficult to tell apart.

  3. Nick Palmer says:

    I suppose something that looks, from a distance, like an egg can be made but it would not feel, smell or taste like one. It definitely would not cook like one. Firstly, a shell of wax and gypsum would not break like a normal eggshell so instantly the fraud would be obvious.

    Most obviously, the ingredients plus the fiddly man hours necessary to manufacture these things would make them completely uneconomic to sell instead of real eggs – no-one in their right mind would bother.

    If there is any truth at all then it will be that someone came up with a scheme to rip people off by charging to teach them how to make a fake and then scarpering before the victim finds out that no-one will be fooled by their “eggs” which were fiddly to make out of ingredients that cost more than an egg would anyway.

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