Masdar City compromises

I’m disappointed that they’re allowing cars, even if those cars must be electric. I thought this city was going to be all pedestrian on the street level, and only have underground podcars. It seems Kunstler may have been right about podcars!

Plans originally called for Masdar City to become a self-contained “carbon-neutral” community of 40,000 residents and even more commuters. Cars would be banned. Waste and water would be recycled. 2016 was the targeted completion date of the $22 billion project.

* the project now won’t be completed until at least 2020 — four years after the original deadline — and that work could stretch until 2025.

* original plans to power the city solely on power produced on site. Now renewable power will also be brought over from other locations.

Masdar said it is going to limit the development of a highly publicized network of personal podcars that would shuttle tens of thousands of Masdar City residents and visitors around the 2.3 square mile development.

Masdar now says the podcar system will be limited to an “ongoing pilot project,” and that other types of electric vehicles may be allowed in the future

Students and faculty began moving into six buildings housing a research facility known as Masdar Institute last month. While Masdar does not claim those buildings are carbon neutral, it says they use about half the water and electricity than other buildings in the Emirates thanks to rooftop solar panels and hot water heaters.

via Masdar City is delaying completion to 2020 to 2025 and reducing green goals.

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