Home solar costs 25 times more than ETS to cut gas | The Australian

While I love the idea of clean renewable electricity from the sun and wind, until storage is vastly cheaper this is simply not an option to run today’s industrial civilisation.

SCHEMES that pay households to produce power using rooftop solar panels are costing about 25 times as much to cut greenhouse gases as a nationwide ETS.

The warning comes from electricity generators who say the schemes will lead to soaring energy bills.

In a confidential submission obtained by The Australian, the National Generators Forum has told the NSW government that its scheme is costing between $520 and $640 to reduce each tonne of carbon dioxide – compared with the $23 per tonne proposed in the emissions trading scheme shelved by Kevin Rudd.

The submission states that although the scheme will create green jobs, each job created will cost between $130,000 and $700,000. “The cost of the scheme is borne by all energy customers but hidden,” the submission states. “There is a widespread community view that solar generation is good for the environment. However, there is little public understanding of the cost of delivering those perceived benefits.”

via Home solar costs 25 times more than ETS to cut gas | The Australian.

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