Economics of Ecosytem services

Great short audio clip about the sheer economic value of ecosystem services.

Marine protection improves fish stocks. Female fish produce up to 100 times the eggs of smaller fish of the same species. Pavan Sukhdev says environmental services, provided by nature are not measured or accounted for in our economics. They are known as externalities. Examples are bees for pollination, forests cleaning air and water and oceans providing fisheries. In Costa Rica, farmers have been paid to retain forests. Deforestation has stopped, water supply increased, and overall farm productivity increased downstream. In Kampala Uganda, a swamp was saved after realising it was acting as a free cleaner of sewerage. Slowly says Sukhdev, business is getting the message that the environment has economic value despite there being no market for environmental preservation.

via Economic value of the environment – Science Show – 21 August 2010.

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