A foot in both camps

My friend Neil has had a very creative rant. I love it. His ‘foot in both camps’ paragraph is pure gold!

As a Liberal/Progressive, I like you.

We disagree over spending: I’m happy to increase spending and increase taxes; you’re happy to decrease spending and decrease taxes. Both of us, however, oppose the stupidity of continually running deficits.

Even though I’m a lefty I have, like most people, a foot in both camps. I may believe in increasing welfare but I also believe in personal responsibility; I may believe in wealth distribution but I also believe that the talented and the hard working should be rewarded; I may oppose corporate corruption and tyranny but I also oppose government corruption and tyranny.

What saddens me is that conservatives in the US have degenerated into anti-intellectualism, blind ideological adherence and an inability to think critically. Popular conservative commentators reflect this belief.

Conservatism as a set of political beliefs has a lot to offer – seriously it does. But conservatives in the US pose a net threat to America’s safety and prosperity.

If the GOP and the Tea Party do not do as well as they hope during the 2010 mid terms (ie control one or both houses of congress) I can see violence resulting.

via One Salient Oversight.

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