The Expendables | Movie Review

This movie review cracked me up!

So much action, so much stupid.

via The Expendables | Movie Review | Pick of the Flicks.

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One Response to The Expendables | Movie Review

  1. specialletters says:

    I’d say review is spot on. Saw some of Stallone 2008 “Rambo” recently and it was just like this review says. Just very stupid violence. Most of time it was impossible to understand. And the action sequences were indeed dumb. And there was no fun.
    Earlier of his Rambo funs were silly but also fun.

    Looking at Kirk Douglas (I) – Biography I found that Kirk was nearly going to play the Colonel but wanted the novel’s plot to be followed – The Colonel kills Rambo – now that would have made sense of “First Blood” and saved us all a lot of seeing this ego continue.
    He has lost the plot I think

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