NATO as future World Federation?

Hi all,

I was fascinated to see that Professor Chris Hamer of UNSW has considered NATO a candidate for global government. (I have added this as a permanent new addition to my Reform Global Government page).

A Community of Democracies

Chris Hamer is particularly interested in the opportunity now presenting itself to transform NATO into a worldwide Community of Democratic Nations, which could be the starting point for an eventual democratic world federation, following an evolutionary path like the European Union.

Europe was “not built all at once, or according to a single plan”, as the Schuman Declaration puts it. It evolved from the nucleus of the European Coal and Steel Community, founded by a smaller group, ‘the Six’, according to the ideas of Jean Monnet. We need to find a way of emulating this evolutionary process for the world community. A treaty forming a Community of Democracies might be the way to go, and could encompass both NATO and the OECD. In the recent Presidential campaign in the US, John McCain talked of a ‘League of Democracies’, and Madeleine Albright talked of a ‘Community of Democracies’, so there would be some sympathy for such ideas on both sides of politics in the US.

via WCAA – What we are doing now.

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