Australian government to play reality TV!

Apparently Australia’s 3 independents, the so called “King-makers”, are going to announce via live broadcast who will be the next Prime Minister before they tell either of the party leaders. Is this a first in how we do democracy?

Now while I support some fairly radical reforms to Australian politics and would like to see Cabinet policy debates opened up for public scrutiny, this strikes me as a rather bizarre media stunt. Are we going to have Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard standing out on lawn together, nervously awaiting their fate? What about media interviews before the judgement falls? Will they do it like Big Brother and have an expulsion of the loser, like Survivor, or like Master-Chef?

My preference would be “The Weakest Link”.

We get the 2 leaders lined up above carnival dunking tanks. The drums roll. The independents burst through red drapes, smiling and waving to the media circus. They run up to the microphone, and together yell, “Tony Abbott, YOU are the Weakest Link!”. Then the budgie-smuggler boy gets dunked in the drink. It would make about as much sense as anything else this election, and provide the country with the spectacle we crave.

What about dignity you ask? What about the great debates of Western civilisation? What about the enormous responsibility of governing a nation of 21 million, the sheer gravity of the task, and the enormous far-reaching implications of policy development just years before the final oil crisis? I’m sorry, but what on earth are you talking about?! This is Australia, and reality TV is king.


* Two independents still uncertain

* Focus on avoiding 75-75 deadlock

* Leaders may not be told in advance

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott may learn their fate at the same time as the Australian people, as the three rural independents grapple with the “wicked problem” of deciding who will form government.

Tony Windsor, Rob Oakeshott and Bob Katter in Canberra yesterday.

via Independents wrestle with Australia’s ‘wicked problem’.

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