Tony Abbott still a denialist.

Excuse me as I yawn, but this is just so not news! Climate change is just a greenie conspiracy to take over the world right? Right?

(Of course Tony Abbott questions climate change. He’s a conservative! What else is new with these morons?)

TONY ABBOTT: Um, I, I certainly think that there is a credible scientific counterpoint, but in the end, um, I’m not going to win ah, ah, an argument over the science, I’ll leave that to the scientists.

MARIAN WILKINSON: One last question on that because ah, you have said very publicly ah, before this that you believe the earth is cooling not warming and you have cited the work of ah, Professor Ian Plimer on this. Do you still think there is a credible case for that?

TONY ABBOTT: Um, I, I have pointed out in the past, ah that ah, there was that high year um, a few years ago, ah, and the warming ah, if you believe the various measuring ah, organisations, ah, hasn’t increased, but again ah, the the point is not um, um, the science, ah the point is how should government respond and we have a a credible response that will achieve a 5 per cent reduction by 2020 and the government doesn’t.

via Tony Abbott on climate change ::  Larvatus Prodeo.

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6 Responses to Tony Abbott still a denialist.

  1. specialletters says:

    The questions are Has he listened and Will their plan work?
    I was watching Gillard this morning going on about Mr ‘abbot avoiding a debate when she was the one who said NO originally – I did utter that word “moron”

  2. specialletters says:

    Same news conference Gillard said NBN umpteen times – I did not hear ETS once.

    Also she went on about ‘abbot’s plans being uncosted by the leaky sieve.
    In simple terms saving 43bn on cancelling NBN would pay for lots of things.
    How far advanced is NBN anyway.

    Does she have any real plan for Climate change

  3. specialletters says:

    Bob Brown just said he tried to get his plans costed but PM said NO.
    That system was a game

    He thinks a carbon price is the only way and that Gillard doesn’t seem to talk about it now

  4. eclipsenow says:

    I don’t think Gillard or Abbott, or if I’m honest, the anti-nuclear Greens actually have a costed, workable plan for climate change or peak oil.

    But at least if the Greens are in there, they can be part of the conversation and keep it in the public mind. It’s dropped right off the agenda this election. Disgusting.

  5. specialletters says:

    Yes all Brown talked about was having a carbon price – just having one he seemed to say will force things to happen!
    CC/GW not mentioned at all in linked article
    Gillard carves out victory in Wednesday roast – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Gillard went in again about NBN – I’m lost as to why she thinks fiber everywhere is way to go. All the Ads are talking wireless – as Tony says market forces will move this. Yes Fiber might be fast BUT its 43 bn
    We’ve just had our street dug up for electric cables under the ground was that also something to do with NBN.

    In the Forum last night ‘abbot was asked about Peak Oil and he said he knew about it and his argument seemed to be that price movements would cause more oil to be found. It was not a problem for policy makers. I suppose he means price will just increase ……….

    • eclipsenow says:

      He needs to spend some time in the Senate Committee investigation…

      4.64 The committee notes concerns that markets will not respond in time to provide a smooth transition to a post peak oil world without government action. Given the uncertainty about much of the information on world oil supplies and the geopolitical instability of some key oil bearing regions, it is possible that there may be a risk that markets will under invest in oil and energy technologies, resulting in economic and social hardship when supply of conventional oil falls below demand.

      4.65 The information required to make a clear determination on whether peak oil will occur before the market can provide mitigating action is not available. The following chapters discuss possible mitigation actions. These offer options for a prudent approach to managing the possibility of peak oil and associated issues contributing to oil vulnerability, resulting in substantially higher oil prices and a constraint on liquid fuel availability.

      And don’t forget…

      3.138 Most of the official publications mentioned in this report seem to regard the ‘long term’ as extending to 2030, and are silent about the future after that. The committee regards this as inadequate. Longer term planning is needed. Even the prospect of peak oil in the period 2030-2050 – well within the lifespan of today’s children – should be a concern. Hirsch suggests that mitigation measures to reduce oil dependence ‘will require an intense effort over decades…’

      This inescapable conclusion is based on the time required to replace vast numbers of liquid fuel consuming vehicles and the time required to build a substantial number of substitute fuel production facilities… Initiating a mitigation crash program 20 years before peaking appears to offer the possibility of avoiding a world liquid fuels shortfall for the forecast period

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