Fred Nile MUST GO!

He’s an embarrassment to the church.

1. Accepts that the scientific debate around climate change is unresolved, and in that sense the CDP remains agnostic in respect to scientific elements of the climate change debate.

via Fred Nile | Environment Climate Change | Pro – Christian | Pro – Family | Pro – Child | Pro – Life Policies For The Benefit Of All Australians.

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3 Responses to Fred Nile MUST GO!

  1. specialletters says:

    Yes CDP may have that difficult position which I highlighted to them as a problem last election.
    But do look at other items in their policy

    3. Does not support carbon trading schemes as they are considered futile and create an unnecessary burden on our economy.

    4. Does not support Australia being a signatory to the Kyoto protocol. (I ask what benefits have happened since Kevin signed?)

    5. Encourages the development of economic alternatives to fossil fuels and cleaner coal mining technologies.

    6. Wants to see a more balanced media treatment of the debate and issues surrounding climate change in school curriculum and the media.

    7. Supports a forestry policy that balances sustainable environmental practices with the interests and long term viability of rural and regional forestry communities.

    8. The implementation of viable programs to deal with salt damage to agricultural land.

  2. eclipsenow says:

    6. Wants to see a more balanced media treatment of the debate and issues surrounding climate change in school curriculum and the media.

    This one really gets up my nose. What debate? There’s science, and there’s anti-science. The only debate within the science is how extreme the various consequences will be. Will it be bad, very bad, or run to the hills? Whether or not Co2 affected our climate was settled back in the 1800’s. Whether or not human emissions of Co2 is affecting our climate was settled decades ago.

    Fred’s just quoted the denialists, and they just don’t respect peer-reviewed science and can’t get their rubbish published in reputable journals. So they sell books and write blogs, and mislead poor suckers like Fred.

  3. specialletters says:

    I knew you’d like number 6.
    What on earth do the CDP want schools to do?
    Is Climate Change in school curriculum?
    The other items I think are sound re salt forest fuels etc BUT Six is nonsense. And what debate anyway. I see Climate Change. We have to do something about it.
    The question is what – no if it is happening

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