Greens attack add by CDP

I’ve not read much of Barney Zwarts at the SMH, but I enjoyed his fairly balanced assessment of a rather embarrassing scare campaign by some of us Christians against the Greens. The youtube attack add was rather pointed, rather dishonest (in conflating State Greens issues with this FEDERAL election), and rather hysterical. Seriously, the way this attack add reads, one would get the impression that Christianity itself hung on the outcome of this election. The church has survived the persecution of Caesar, the shocking and hypocritical debacle of the Crusades, Communism, and today’s secularism and rise of the ‘angry atheists’. (As exemplified by Richard Dawkin’s tawdry and crude attacks which most serious philosophical atheists cringe from as much as I cringe from this Christian attack add!)

The church will survive even if the Greens were elected into GOVERNMENT in this country, and that’s just not an issue at this election. At the most they might get elected as part of the balance of power in the Senate. This means they could become a bigger part of the political conversation in this country, but they won’t be running the place.

Anyway, I enjoyed this piece, especially the quote from a Pressie minister.

“Though these elections are increasingly presidential, it is helpful to be reminded that the parties elect their leaders, not us. The parties are made up of members of all sorts of religious belief and disbelief. Somehow we then have to work out how much we can believe any politician, in a flood of core and non-core promises, policy back flips, compromises and plain old lies. Confused?

“Let me then answer the question in a slightly politically sensitive way. It makes no difference what a person believes and it makes every difference what a person believes. Voting for a believer is always, to say the least, a compromise of things we like and things we don’t. Whenever we get the perfect candidate, she or he has a habit of disappointing us the most. Politics, they say, is the art of compromise and maybe voting is too.”

via Election | Greens | Christian Democrats | Barney |Zwartz.

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