EV driver talks about off-peak charging

One comment at Scientific American is already charging his car with an off-peak timer.

evdriver at 03:59 PM on 07/13/10

I drive an EV and it’s amazing to me the amount of misinformation being spread about. I use my car to commute. I plug it in to a 220v line on a timer. I get discount power after midnight, so that’s when the timer charges it. In the morning I unplug it and drive it to work. When I come home I plug it in – that’s all there is to it. I pay about $10/month for the car’s electricity.

Yes, I plan my trips on weekends or when I need to run errands on my lunch hour, but it really isn’t that difficult. We need to get off this public charging discussion – it’s a non-issue. It’s more of a hassle to go to a gas station, but people adjusted to it and they will adjust to home charging. End of story.

via Observations: What will it be like to own an electric car in 2011?.

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