New battery released: 90% quickcharge in 5 minutes!

Hmm, maybe I’m wrong about Better Place Battery Swap EV’s? Quickcharge could do away with needing all those extra battery-swap stations if they build enough battery quick-charging stations. However, don’t forget that the Battery Swap system allows batteries to charge slowly overnight. Everyone quick-charging on the way home after work means even more stress on the electricity grid. However, hopefully most people will plug into their home overnight charger (which has a timer set to switch on as peak demand drops off). Remember, 70% of American cars could be charged with existing power stations if they are charged at night.

SCiBTM is a rechargeable battery with superb safety.

By using newly developed oxide materials, SCiBTM holds high resistance toward thermal runaway resulting from short circuiting caused by physical stress. SCiBTM also have excellent characteristics such as, long life with minimal capacity loss even after 6,000 charge-discharge cycles, rapid charging capability with ability to charge 90% of the capacity in as fast as 5 minutes. High power output with performance equivalent to that of an EDLC (Electric Double-Layer Capacitors), and good cryogenic performance with ability to function even at -30℃.

via TOSHIBA – Rechargeable battery SCiB(TM).

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