First climate refugees

Carteret islands are threatened by rising sea levels by 2015.

So far only two families out of a population of 2,300 have moved to Bougainville.

Ms Rakova says they need more land and more money.

“We plan to move, within the next three years, 83 families, so we are looking at 830 people,” she said.

“Then within the next 10 years [we plan to] at least move 1,700 people.”

The Carteret Islanders have made headlines around the world over the last decade.

So many journalists have visited the islands that many locals are now sick and tired of having to accommodate them.

Ms Rakova says the publicity has not translated into help from either the PNG government or the international community.

“Enough of talking,” she said.

“We’ve got to see some action in practical sense.”

With predictions that Carterets will be largely uninhabitable by 2015, time is running out for help to arrive.

via Islanders plead for help as homes sink – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

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