Ethiopian Bible: Africa’s first written language?

I found tonight’s Compass (ABC religion report) absolutely fascinating. It was about the origins of Christianity in Africa, especially with the very early beginnings in Ethiopia. Not only is Ethiopia mentioned a number of times in the bible, but it may be the source of Africa’s first written script.

And just look at it! It looks like something out of Lord of the Rings! It’s a crazy, rich, beautiful script. I first read Tolkien when I was a boy. I was taken with his various scripts, and fashioned my own. I am not lying when I say many of these characters look like some of my childish scribbles. I can even see my letter ‘e’ in there. (Looks a bit like the e on its side, or a letter 8 on the side). I guess I’m coming across as a bit of a fanboi, but this is great stuff.

Ethiopian Bible script

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