A Victorian RV | The Steampunk Workshop

As a peak-oiler I sometimes imagine oil-free holidays. They involve packing light and catching fast rail! Maybe at the end station you can hire a cheap EV and drive to your eco-hotel. Maybe they have already installed an electric trolley-bus. Maybe the holiday township is so well designed you can walk to your hotel! If the whole system is run on nuclear power, the greenhouse emissions would be very low indeed. So my hunch would be that this is the future of holidays.

However, some people have structured their lives to take more holidays than I do, and probably cheaper holidays as well. Especially if they love camping. My wife and I have decided we hate camping. Neither of us sleep well when camping. Some people love camping: and good for them! They’re saving money and probably getting away more than I do!

Other people like cheap regular holidays, yet also want them to be a step up from camping. So they use caravans, or upgrade beyond that to the motor-home (or RV to Americans). Once purchased, motor-homes can be much cheaper than hotels, especially if it is a regular part of life. Now, I’m going to try to put peak oil aside for the moment. The sole reason for this blog is that I thought the following RV was just plain cool! OK, writing that sentence felt just plain wrong. I’m going to have to go away and iron-my-fingers for typing that. (“Bad Dobby!”)

This post is more about Steampunk Sci-Fi dreaming. Check this old school bus retrofitted to be a Victorian Steampunky RV!

I was trying for a Victorian look in my design, I wanted something that had the feel of a sea coast summer house that had been in the family for generations. Something bright, light, and simple but with an air of country elegance. All within the constraints of material I found or was given.

Victorian RV – Salon

via A Victorian RV | The Steampunk Workshop.

It’s so beautiful I almost forgot the specs.

Q. How fast does it go ? What kind of gas mileage do you get?

A. My bus is a 1989 Thomas Saf-T-Liner with a CAT 3208 10.4 Liter diesel engine and around a 100K miles on it.  It’s got 210 HP but gobs and gobs of torque so it will do 60- 65 on the highway and get 9-11 miles per gallon.  Its also great for pulling stumps.

Hey, it’s my Steampunk dream, and I’ll just imagine it’s running on “the hydrogen economy” or nuclear-created synfuel!
(A niche market only for airlines, agriculture, and Steampunk RV’s. The important stuff OK!)

All right, back to reality.

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