Plastic waste in oceans to make an island?

I love this as a concept.

Recycled Island is a great idea for getting rid of the floating plastic dump in the Pacific. The island would be built where the trash is located and would convert the waste onsite cutting down on cleanup and building costs. It would be between Hawaii and San Francisco in the heart of the Pacific Ocean’s currents.

Currently, this research project is in the design phase. The Netherlands Architecture Fund has provided the grant money for the project. WHIM architecture firm is conducting the research and design of Recycled Island. The project was created to look at a way to turn the floating plastic into urban habitats.

Recycled Island Habitat

via Recycled Island will be created from plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean –

I’ve got no idea how they plan to harvest all this plastic because it is microscopic and floating around in the top few meters of the ocean. How are they going to separate out the plastic from the plankton? Maybe they don’t need to, as removing the plastic is the most important part of cleaning out the ecosystem food chain.

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