Wind kills birds

Here’s what scientists have to say about Spanish vulture deaths :

Carrete, M et al (2009) “Large Scale Risk-Assessment of Wind-Farms on Population Viability of a Globally Endangered Long-Lived Raptor”, Biological Conservation doi:10.1016/j.biocon.2009.07.027

Recent research paper looking at effects of wind turbines on endangered long-lived raptors. Calls for more research on long term effects of wind farms on wildlife populations. Research in this particular study shows that wind farms decrease survival rates and hence significantly increases extinction probability. This research also suggests that short term monitoring of wildlife impacts is not adequate to assess actual impacts of wind farms on wildlife. The negative effects of wind farms could result in major impacts in a few decades and jeopordize wildlife conservation worldwide. Requests that turbines in risk zones should be located further than 15km away from nests.

Golden Eagles also fall for it.

Some people ask me:why are birds so stupid that they collide with such highly visible structures ? – Here are a few thoughts that come to mind :

– Wind turbines are deceitful : the blades appear to be moving slowly, but their tips actually travel at 150-300 kph (1)

In 2004, based upon carcasses found, it was scientifically estimated that 2,300 golden eagles have been killed by the large wind farm at Altamont Pass, California, in its first 23 years of operation. (2).

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