Electric refueling: Doing the math | Energy Bulletin

The following Energy Bulletin piece doubts fast-charging can help with electric car transport because the cost of installing the units is too high. It assumes that all of us will be exclusively charging from these recharging points.

Electric refueling: Doing the math | Energy Bulletin.

What a load of rubbish! Most cars just sit still 22 hours a day and can be plugged in sucking down juice where-ever they are. Most cars can and will charge from home and at work. The fast-charge garages only need to supplement the occasional emergency range extension. The beauty of electric vehicles is that most of the refuelling infrastructure already exists in the existing electricity grid. All we’ll need might be some new converter boxes at home and at work garages.

And if fast-charging isn’t good enough, what about the Better Place battery swap? Electric transport: it’s all good.

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