What if we prepare for peak oil and I’m wrong?

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I rewrote the last paragraph on the last ‘page’ (under “Radical Reforms” bottom right), and it felt good. Enjoy.


2. What if we prepare for this and I’m wrong?

To prepare for peak oil we should build car free, high-tech eco-cities based mainly on clean nuclear electricity and walking distance communities. If we do this we will:-

  • cut pollution
  • become energy independent
  • create more efficient cities that use less of every resource
  • create more beautiful cities with a greater sense of community which also…
  • reduce depression and isolation caused by the current city plan
  • reduce crime by careful town planning
  • save lives normally lost in car accidents
  • save time lost in traffic jams and commuting
  • save tens of billions lost in traffic accidents, jams, congestion, etc
  • save enormous national debts caused by importing oil
  • create more resilient and diverse local economies
  • stop funding nations that don’t like us Westerners very much
  • reduce the risk of resource wars and international friction over the remaining oil
  • solve Global Warming
  • create attractive and sustainable cities for our grand-children’s grandchildren
  • move a million people sprawled over 400 square miles into attractive New Urbanism of just 40 square miles
  • reclaim the extra land for local farming!
  • save land for local ecologies, local parks, local gardens, local farms, local energy resources, and local beauty and peace of mind

This article by Kurt Cobb brilliantly summarizes the outcomes if we collectively wean off oil and then find out there was more.

If we adopt the Radical Reforms and find more oil, society will be a better place anyway. If we ignore peak oil and postpone the reforms we need to implement anyway (for a variety of ecological, resource efficiency, sociological, psychological, economic and aesthetic reasons), then we have no one to blame but ourselves as we blunder into the final oil crisis unprepared!

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