Scientific American: Denialists not qualified to comment

“A physicist or geologist with a PhD is a scientist, but not a climate scientist and thus their opinions on complex climatological issues is not likely to be expert opinion,” says William Anderegg, lead author of the analysis and a biologist-in-training at Stanford University. “Cardiologists, for example, don’t prescribe chemotherapies for cancer, nor do oncologists claim expertise at heart surgery—they are all doctors, of course, but not experts outside of a narrow specialty.”

via Experto Crede: Climate Expertise Lacking among Global Warming Contrarians: Scientific American.

Umm, this is news? At least Scientific American keep pointing out the bleeding obvious for those American’s dulled by Fox News. (Not that Fox News readers would ‘waste’ their time actually reading Scientific American, because, like, “They must be part of the conspiracy maaaaan!”)

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