Q&A on nuclear being developed for lay readers

This is great, right up my alley.

Q1. How urgent is it to address climate change?

Q2. Why do we need nuclear power? Won’t renewables provide our needs?

Q3. We need to act fast, aren’t renewables the fastest response?

Q4. Aren’t renewables are the most affordable option?

Q5. What about storing excess energy for later use?

Q6. Isn’t it more important for us to scale down our energy requirements through energy efficiency and conservation?

Q7. Aren’t renewables our safest option?

Q8. Is nuclear energy fast enough?

Q9. What about meltdowns? Is nuclear energy safe?

Q10. What about radiation?

Q11. Is nuclear energy expensive?

Q12. What about the waste?

Q13. What about nuclear weapons proliferation?

Q14. Wouldn’t a nuclear power station be a terrorist target?

Q15. Is there enough uranium?

Q16. Does nuclear emit more CO2 than renewables?

Q17. Isn’t the nuclear lobby in bed with the coal lobby?

Q18. But… isn’t nuclear power evil?

via Take real action on climate change – Part 2 – the FAQ « BraveNewClimate.

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