The Ergosphere: The enforcement of orthodoxy at The Oil Drum

The Oil Drum seems to have been overrun by doomers, who are now in positions of authority, and are editing the comments to articles to censor those facts that are inconvenient to their religion of doom! The Engineer-Poet has this to say about his experiences…

There appears to be a growing pressure toward doomer orthodoxy at TOD.  This is not unlike creationist orthodoxy:  inconvenient facts, no matter how obvious, are shoved underground even if they must be removed by editorial fiat.  Gail Tverberg appears to be the main force in this direction, though she could not exercise this power without Kyle Saunders and Nate Hagens being complicit.

This overt bias has the effect of making people angry.  The blatant half-truths and untruths and artless evasions of Michael Dittmar in his four (four!) guest posts of last year got a great many people angry too.  The response of TOD’s doomer-editors was to censor his critics for tone, regardless of the facts.  I didn’t even think this could have happened until much later.  I had been going over the comments to those posts looking for pieces of analysis posted in rebuttal to Dittmar’s claims to collect them for a multi-author response, and couldn’t find ones I recalled.  I thought that I was just not remembering them clearly enough to find them in the tsunami of words which followed each post.  I now realize that they could not be found because they were censored.

Lies deserve the most hostile tone, because treating lies leniently is corrosive to principled debate.  The censors who protect lies from refutation owe the censored, and the public, both an immediate reversal and a very public apology.  Then they owe us their resignations.  No forum where they exercise such power can be trusted, and The Oil Drum discredits itself every day it allows such people to hold authority.

The Ergosphere: The enforcement of orthodoxy at The Oil Drum.

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