Slashdot Politics Story | Virginia AG Probing Michael Mann For Fraud

This is very disturbing… now conservatives are taking Michael Mann, developer of the Hockey Stick graph, to court! This could have the effect of turning even more American’s away from studying or accepting any science they don’t like, and just ignoring the climate dangers ahead. Yay Virginia!

“Republican Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has requested receipts and research documents relating to nearly half a million dollars in state taxpayer money used to conduct climate change research at the University of Virginia while under direction of Michael Mann. Originator of the famous 2001 IPCC Hockey Stick graph depicting rapid climate change, Mann appears to be a prime target for Cuccinelli — who has also requested hearings with EPA to contest the grounds of their carbon dioxide studies. Mann’s expenditures of taxpayer money may become problematic if Cuccinelli finds violations of Virginia’s Fraud Against Taxpayers Act. Cuccinelli has been active in pushing conservative views in the past, including an effort to remove the titillating mammary from the beloved Great Seal of Virginia. No end in sight for the politicizing of the science and research surrounding climate change.”

Slashdot Politics Story | Virginia AG Probing Michael Mann For Fraud.

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4 Responses to Slashdot Politics Story | Virginia AG Probing Michael Mann For Fraud

  1. nickpwordpress says:

    One’s initial reaction is that it is very disturbing – a neo-McCarthyism starting up before our eyes. But, with a bit of luck, getting Mann et al in court could prove to be the best possible outcome.

    Assuming a fair and reasonable justice system… Oh… Ok… just assume a justice system doing an investigation but watched by the whole of the world’s media, climate scientists, climate bloggers, other governments etc etc.

    All the (what many like us regard as) highly sophisticated propaganda and spin from the denialist/sceptic crowd would be laid bare in court. The sophisticated lies and misdirection, the crafted deceits, the inappropriate assumptions, the blatant cherry picking, the mind boggling stupidity should all shrivel in the full glare of publicity as it gets picked apart.

    Many of the Denialist myths could be terminated in a court.

    Putting Mann on trial could be the biggest mistake the neo-cons and fellow travellers ever make.

  2. eclipsenow says:

    Wow… that’s an optimistic outlook! I hope you’re right.

  3. Nick Palmer says:

    “should all shrivel in the full glare of publicity as it gets picked apart”

    I meant to say: gets picked apart by the defence lawyers

    • eclipsenow says:

      I understood what you were saying. The pessimistic side of me says that all the top 28 Denialist myths have been picked apart by the peer reviewed process over the last decade, and published in a number of public places. Denialists just don’t want to hear it! The moment a right wing leaning American Republican voter perceives curbing Co2 emissions as an ‘attack on the free energy marketplace’, then nothing but nothing is going to get them to accept something as complicated as the actual science of global warming. They’ll just listen to the ‘science’ they want to hear, thank you very much! I’ve seen it in Christian friends in ministry, who I thought would have more intellectual honesty and self-appraisal. Nope. Once that right-wing filter kicks in, it’s impossible to break through.

      The irony in all of this is that fossil fuels have to be one of the most subsidised products in history. They often have incredible tax breaks and incentives. But the real killer for me is that rather than build our cities around New Urbanism and public transit, which can apparently save 3% GDP (on car crashes, health costs, lost time in traffic jams etc) we have a whole city plan and highway system built around the presupposition that we must and should DRIVE everywhere and use as much oil as possible.

      Australian and American suburban sprawl has made oil companies the dominant resource of the 21st Century. It’s going to take a complete infrastructure revolution to break this product’s stranglehold on our society! And these people have the gall to call the current set up a ‘free energy market’? Hypocrites!

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