A mixed wiki on Landmark.

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Criticism and response

Some observers question whether and to what degree Landmark Education courses benefit participants. Others criticize the use of volunteers by Landmark Education; others highlight the connections with other groups and with Werner Erhard. Landmark has been criticized by some for being overzealous in encouraging people to participate in its courses.[13]

According to Le Nouvel Observateur, the French office of Landmark Education closed in July 2004 after labor inspectors, following a site visit that noted the activities of volunteers, made a report of undeclared employment.[46] [47][48][49] In their 2002 book Cults, Religion, and Violence, authors David G. Bromley and J. Gordon Melton noted that Landmark Education is listed as “dangerous” by government commissions in Belgium and France, having been placed on the French Parliamentary list of “Sectes” (cults) in 1995 (Rapport fait au nom de la Commission d’enquête sur les sectes).[50] Following a series of investigative articles in the national daily Dagens Nyheter[51][52][53] and programs on the private TV channel TV4 Landmark Education also closed its offices in Sweden[54] as of June 2004.

The contention that the Forum is “cult-like” has been aired in at least half a dozen newspaper articles over the last decade[55] and, according to InformationWeek[14] in 2006, the organization Cult Awareness and Information Centre[56] labeled Landmark Forum as a “cult”. Landmark rejects the cult label and “freely threatens or pursues lawsuits against those who call it one.”[57] Journalists Amelia Hill with The Observer and Karin Badt from The Huffington Post have witnessed the Landmark Forum and concluded that, in their view, it is not a cult. Hill wrote, “It is … simple common sense delivered in an environment of startling intensity.”[27] Badt noted an emphasis on “‘spreading the word’ of the Landmark forum as a sign of the participants’ ‘integrity'” in recounting her personal experience of an introductory “Landmark Forum” course.[58] Part of this theme included repeated comparisons between program participants and Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi.[59] Badt regards the course’s word-of-mouth marketing methodology and its considerable focus on proselytizing[60] as “brainwashing”.[61] She concluded, “At the end of the day, I found the Forum innocuous. No cult, no radical religion: an inspiring, entertaining introduction of good solid techniques of self-reflection, with an appropriate emphasis on action and transformation (not change).”[7]

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One Response to A mixed wiki on Landmark.

  1. pyrotex says:

    I spent ten years taking courses and seminars at Landmark Education (which was still called The Forum, when I took the first course in 1985). I am still amazed that some folks still insist that it is a “cult”. There is no religion. There isn’t even a philosophy as such. There is no ‘Great Leader’ to follow. Prices for seminars are clearly posted. Participants are frequently encouraged to get in touch with family and ‘clean up’ any issues that are keeping them out of touch.

    What Landmark has, that offends many people, is not ‘brainwashing’, but an environment that strips away all the ‘enabling’ that many folks take for granted and depend on. Excuses are stripped away. Self-destructive attitudes are revealed. Participants are forced (by peer pressure) to get off their butts and be totally responsible for their lives.

    This can be painful. And it was most certainly intense and very uncomfortable for me. I almost dropped out several times. But the training turned me from a whining little boy into a man, and gave me success in my career (aerospace) and relationships. I finally walked away from the training when I felt that I had gotten out of it all that I could. I have no regrets.

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