Electric Cars could save $1 trillion dollars worldwide

Shai Agassi says that we’re currently wasting 3 trillion dollars a year on oil. Now with peak oil, prices will climb even higher. Eventually Better Place EV’s price / km will go down, and so soon oil will probably sell for about $1.60 a litre in Australia, Better Place have guaranteed about $0.80 cents a litre for Australia (fuel equivalent price worked out on average price / km with the different modes of transport).


So on very crude back-of-the-envelop calculations, the world could save maybe  $1 to $1.5 trillion dollars a year? Sometimes ‘Green solutions’ are cheaper than conventional solutions!

Even if green electricity is more expensive, we’ll have more money in our pockets from cheaper / km transport to pay our electricity bills. Or governments could tax / km price of electricity at the charging point and make the price of transport roughly comparable to today’s transport, and use that extra money to support green electricity schemes. But then I am a raving Greenie Nazi, and would say something like that! My green free-market friends might prefer to have the money in their own pockets and pay their own bills their own way. As Aussies say, “Same diff”. (Short for “Same difference” which roughly translated is a shorter way of saying “Six of one, half a dozen of the other” or it works out roughly the same in the long run). The main point of course is that while Republican anti-climate science rednecks are busy slandering greenies as being in on some conspiracy to create a GLOBAL COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT (Oh the humanity!), sometimes Green technology can work out surprisingly cheap, better than the conventional solutions.

So here he is on the Economist, it is only 5 minutes, and well worth listening to. Makes the extraordinary claim on “The Economist” that if you sign up for a price / km for long enough years, you’ll get the car at a discount, or even for free.


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